" I work closely with Lorraine on the development of our startup, I found a great professional mastering all aspects of the development of our project. "

" Working in accordance with expectations, Lorraine surprises with her skills that match those expected by a brigade of experts from the largest M&A firms. "

" It was a pure pleasure to work with Mrs. Delannoy who is at the same time very pleasant, conscientious and sharp in her field. She is able to explain us financial concepts however complicated. She knew how to professionalize our approach. We would not have had dreamt of of a better support in the sale of our company, which was a great success. "

" I found Miss Delannoy to be very effective across a wide range of different project workstreams, ranging from financial valuation, key contract negotiation (SPAs, Placing Agreements), due diligence review and documentation. In addition, she took responsibility for day to day project management, including liaising with firms of accountants and lawyers involved in the respective transactions, in order to ensure that project timelines were kept to and scopes properly delivered to. "

" Madame Delannoy carried out serious work in a short time, supplementing her report with wise analyses ! "

" I think extremely highly of Miss Delannoy. She earned great respect, admiration and popularity. Miss Delannoy is a hard working self starter who invariably understands exactly what a project / problem is all about from the outset. "

" She is engaged and has made a positive impact since her arrival."

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